Although our Women Veteran Empowerment Expo continues to grow bigger than the year before, we've been able to maintain the same platform our attendees have grown to expect.  This year, we're proud to host four different Breakout Sessions presented by top leaders in their fields and a Panel Discussion.

  1. Self-care & Self-improvement

  2. Benefits (Federal and State)

  3. Financial Literacy

  4. Personal Branding

  5. Level Up Panel Discussion​

​​Please read below to learn more about the breakout sessions and the Women Veterans participating on the panel.

Self-care & Self-improvement

An opportunity to learn more about your state and federal benefits from the VA and Texas Veterans Commission based upon your discharge type and time served.  Point of contact information for each agency will be provided to discuss your specific case offline. 

A panel discussion of a group of women veterans who continue to level up in their respective professions beyond their military service.  They will discuss how they balance personal/ professional responsibilities, best practices and lessons learned for climbing the professional ladder, managing time, family and motherhood.  There will be a Q&A opportunity from the audience.  

Women Veteran Panelists include

Terri Zimmerman,  Board Certified Criminal Law and Criminal Appellate Lawyer served in the US Marines

Pacifica Saucer, KHOU11 Production Editor served in the US Navy

Ruth Recio-Jefferson, Harris County Sheriff Deputy served in the  US Army

Mea Williams, CEO and President of Grace After Fire served in the US Navy

Monique Rodriguez, running for elected office for the Deer Park ISD School Board served in the US Army

Benefits (Federal and State)


Saturday, March 2, 2019

Personal Branding

Financial Literacy

An opportunity to learn how to successfully promote the most important brand: yourself. It is a way of clarifying and communicating what makes you different and special.  Learn how to develop your reputation and grow successfully by networking in a way that interest others in both in person and online. 


An opportunity to learn about self-care practices, resilience building, how to manage the stress and pressures in your life by promoting positive thinking and effective coping skills.  Community resources of where you can access mental health, alternative therapies, and wellness resources will also be provided. 

Level Up Panel Discussion

An opportunity to help participants set up budgets, establish savings accounts, build and maintain credit, save for the future or for emergencies. It will provide the necessary tools to become more financially savvy and self-empowered.